New Home School (historical) ( Perry )

Alabama : Flag of State

Besides New Home School (historical) in the County of ( Perry ) there are the following places of kind School . These are reported in what follows in alphabetical order:

Antioch School (historical) - Barnett School (historical) - Bell School (historical) - Bethany School (historical) - Bethlehem School (historical) - Blackbelt School (historical) - Bliss School (historical) - Bolling School (historical) - Brush Creek School (historical) - Caffee School (historical) - Center School (historical) - Crawford School (historical) - Crenshaw School (historical) - Curbville School (historical) - Daniel School (historical) - Eagles Grove School (historical) - East Perry High School - Ellard School (historical) - Ellawhite Elementary School (historical) - Francis Marion High School - Freetown School (historical) - Friendship School (historical) - Green Liberty School (historical) - Hamburg Academy (historical) - Hanna School (historical) - Hatch High School - Heiberger Elementary School - Hinton School - Hopewell School (historical) - Jericho School (historical) - Judson College - King School (historical) - Levert School (historical) - Lewis School (historical) - Lilly Grove School (historical) - Lincoln Normal School (historical) - Little Canaan School (historical) - Marietta Number 2 School (historical) - Marietta School (historical) - Marion Academy - Marion Baptist Academy - Marion Elementary School - Marion Female Seminary (historical) - Marion Institute - Marion Public School (historical) - Melton School (historical) - Morning Star School (historical) - Mount Ararat School (historical) - Mount Gilead School (historical) - Mount Olive School (historical) - Mount Pilgrim School (historical) - North Perry School (historical) - Oak Grove Number 26 School (historical) - Oak Grove Number 29 School (historical) - Oak Grove Number 34 School (historical) - Oak Grove School - Oak Grove School (historical) - Oak Grove School (historical) - Old Cross School (historical) - Perry County High School (historical) - Perry County Training School (historical) - Perry Ridge School (historical) - Perry School - Perryville School (historical) - Pine Chapel School (historical) - Pine Flat School (historical) - Pisgah School (historical) - Pleasant Grove School (historical) - Pleasant Hill School (historical) - Popes Beat School (historical) - Poplar Grove School (historical) - Porters Crossroads School (historical) - Prairie School (historical) - Provewell School - Radford School (historical) - Reynolds Chapel School (historical) - Shady Grove School (historical) - Springhill School (historical) - Stone School (historical) - Suttle School - Taylor-Moore School (historical) - Temple School (historical) - Union Academy (historical) - Uniontown District Academy (historical) - Uniontown Elementary School - Uniontown Female Academy (historical) - Uniontown Male Academy (historical) - Uniontown Middle School - Vaiden School (historical) - Vilula School (historical) - Wallace School (historical) - Walnut Grove School (historical) - Warren Academy (historical) - Welcome School (historical) - West High School - West Perry School (historical) - White Hill School - Willow Grove School (historical) - Woodland School (historical) .

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Alabama : Emblem of State

  • Capital : Montgomery
  • Inhabitants : Alabamian (Alabaman, Alabamer, `Bamer)
  • State's Motto : Audemus jura nostra defendere
  • English translation : We Dare Defend Our Rights (Latin)
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