Newbury Square Shopping Center ( Ventura )

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Newbury Square Shopping Center is a place of kind Locale belonging to the County of ( Ventura ).

The closest populated place is that of Newbury Park that is1.76 miles far from Newbury Square Shopping Center.

Newbury Square Shopping Center is also 1.74 miles far from the closest airport or heliport, the Rancho Conejo Airport (historical) .

The weather forecasting are available for the town of Newbury Park , that is 1.76 miles far from Newbury Square Shopping Center .

The Zip Code of Newbury Square Shopping Center is 91319.

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California : Emblem of State

  • Capital : Sacramento
  • Inhabitants : Californian (Raisinhead)
  • State's Motto : Eureka
  • English translation : I have found it (Greek)
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