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Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical) (Cuyahoga)

Place: Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical)
Kind: Building
Height above sea level: 207 meters
Sunrise: 07:22 (local time)
Sunset: 19:42 (local time)
Local date and time Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical): Thu Mar 26 14:09:56 2015, 84
Date and time in Italy: Thu Mar 26 20:09:56 2015, 84 - th day of the year
Difference: -6 hours
Related town: Ohio City
County Seat:Cleveland
State: Ohio
State Capital: Columbus

Some information about Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical)  


Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical) is a place of kind Building belonging to the County of Cuyahoga. The closest populated place is that of Ohio City that is 0.47 miles far from Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical).

Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical) is also 0.47 miles far from the closest airport or heliport, the Lutheran Medical Center Heliport.

The weather forecasting are available for the town of Cleveland, that is 1.77 miles far from Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical). (ZIP Code: 44101)

Besides Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical) in the County of Cuyahoga there are the following places of kind Building. These are reported in what follows in alphabetical order:

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Ohio: Flag of the State. Ohio: Seal of the State. Ohio: Some data.
  • Capital: Columbus

  • Inhabitants: Ohioan (Buckeye, Ohier)

  • State's Motto: With God, all things are possible

  • English translation: With God, all things are possible

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 Interactive map of Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical)

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