Realitos Colonia ( Duval )

Texas : Flag of State

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Airport - Dam - Locale - Oilfield - Populated Place - Reservoir - Stream - Valley - Well.
Airport Barronena East Airport - Barronena Ranch Airport - Hamilton Ranch Airport - O S Wyatt Airport - Dam Wright Brothers Materials Plant Dam - Locale Agua Negra Windmill - Aguacalosa Windmill - Antonio Windmill - Artesian Pen Windmill - Barronena Ranch - Benado Windmill - Buena Suerte Windmill - Callejon Windmill - Callejon Windmill - Canejo Windmill - Cardenas Windmill - Chapote Windmill - Coma Windmill - Cuatas Windmill - Cuerva Pen Windmill - Dinn Ranch - Dog Windmill - Down Windmill - Driscoll Camp - El Clemente Windmill - El Medio Windmill - El Norte Windmill - Estella Windmill - Guadalupe Windmill - Guaturche Windmill - Haner Windmill - Horseshoe Windmill - Javalina Windmill - Javalina Windmill - Lina Windmill - Lloron Windmill - Lone Star Windmill - Longora Windmill - Medron Windmill - Melones Windmill - Middle Windmill - Middle Windmill - Mochos Windmill - Muerto Windmill - New Windmill - North Windmill - Palo Blanco Windmill - Piedra Windmill - Piedras China Windmill - Pila Blance Windmill - Pila Grande Windmill - Pump Jack Windmill - Rancho Nuevo Windmill - Red Windmill - Red Windmill - Richardson Windmill - Rogers Windmill - Savage Windmill - Solo Ranch - Sufrosa Windmill - Sufrosa Windmill - Timberlake Windmill - Trevino Ranch - Turkey Windmill - United Windmill - Venada Windmill - Oilfield Thanksgiving Oil Field - Populated Place Realitos Colonia - Reservoir Artesian Tank - Bivora Tank - Bonita Tank - Cuerva Tank - Dick Tank - Dry Tank - Guajillo Tank - Guaturche Tank - Juan Tank - Leona Tank - Middle Tank - Novillo Tank - Pedro Tank - Presa Seca Tank - Presa Tank - Retima Tank - Thirtyeight Tank - Valders Tank - Wright Brothers Materials Plant Reservoir - Stream Arroyo de los Angles - Santonino Creek - Valley Arroyo de los Angeles - Well Trescillas Well.
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Texas : Emblem of State

  • Capital : Austin
  • Inhabitants : Texan (Texasan, Texassian)
  • State's Motto : Friendship
  • English translation : Friendship
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