Alfred Hilltop Estates Colonia ( Jim Wells )

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Populated Place.

Besides Alfred Hilltop Estates Colonia in the County of ( Jim Wells ) there are the following places of kind Populated Place . These are reported in what follows in alphabetical order:

665 Site Colonia - Agua Dulce Ranch Number 1 Colonia - Agua Dulce Ranch Number 2 Colonia - Agua Dulce Ranch Number 3 Colonia - Aimee Acres Colonia - Aimee Acres Number 2 Colonia - Alfred - Alfred Acres Colonia - Alice - Alice Acres - Alice Acres Colonia - Amargosa Colonia - Amargosa Number 2 Colonia - Ben Bolt - Bentonville - Bentonville Acres Colonia - Casa Blanca - Casa Linda Colonia - Colony Estates Colonia - Coyote Acres - Coyote Acres Colonia - Del Norte Mobile Home Park Colonia - East Buena Vista Addition Colonia - El Camino Al Lago Colonia - El Carro - El Ranchito Colonia - El Tacalote - Ella - English Acres Colonia - Gallimore Addition Colonia - Goldapp Colonia - Gorbet Estates Colonia - Guerra Addition Colonia - Guerra Estate Addition Colonia - Harvest Acres Colonia - Hawks Addition Colonia - Heritage Acres Colonia - Heritage Acres Number 2 Colonia - Highland Addition Colonia - Hilltop Estates Colonia - Hilltop Estates Number 2 Colonia - Hodges Addition Colonia - Hollow Tree Estates Colonia - Holshouser Number 1 Colonia - Holshouser Number 2 Colonia - Holshouser Number 3 Colonia - Howell Addition Colonia - J W Owens Estates Colonia - John L Norris Colonia - Johns Valley Colonia - K-Bar Ranch - K-Bar Ranch Colonia - K-Bar-J Estates Colonia - Kiesling`s Colonia - Knolle - Koehn Estates Colonia - La Carmelita Ranch Number 1 Colonia - La Gloria - La Jolla Addition Colonia - La Parrita Valley Colonia - Little Lake Acres Colonia - Loma Alta Ranch Colonia - Loma Linda East Colonia - Mae - Martinez Addition Colonia - Mayes Addition Colonia - McMasters Colonia - Meadow Ridge Colonia - Mi Tierra Colonia - Midway - Modern - Muil - Norris Tract Number 2 Colonia - North Alfred Colonia - North Hilltop Addition Colonia - North Orange Estates Colonia - Orange Acres Colonia - Orange Blossom Estates Colonia - Orange Grove - Orange Grove Villa Colonia - Orange Valley Estates Colonia - Owl Ranch Number 1 Colonia - Owl Ranch Number 2 Colonia - Owl Ranch Number 3 Colonia - Palito Blanco - Palo Hueco Estates Colonia - Premont - R and R Colonia - Rancho Alegre - Rancho Alegre - Rancho de la Parita - Rolling Acres Colonia - Rolling Acres Estates Colonia - Roth Estates Colonia - Rozypal Estates Colonia - Salinas Colonia - San Petronilla Number 3 Colonia - Sanchez Addition Colonia - Sandia - Sandia Gardens Colonia - Sandia Mobile Home Park Colonia - Sandy Bluff Colonia - Seeligson - Shady Acres Colonia - Silver Spur Estates Colonia - South La Paloma Estates Colonia - Springfield - Torian - Vally-Hi Acres Number 1 Colonia - Vally-Hi Acres Number 2 Colonia - Wadeside Addition Colonia - Wasicek Colonia - Water City Estates Colonia - West Alfred Estates Colonia - West Orange Estates Colonia - Westdale - Westdale Estates Number 1 Colonia - Westdale Estates Number 2 Colonia - Westdale Estates Number 3 Colonia - Westdale Estates Number 4 Colonia - Yucca Acres Colonia .

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  • State's Motto : Friendship
  • English translation : Friendship
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